Zero Cost Skincare Tips

Zero Cost Skincare Tips

Good skincare habits don't always have to break the bank. Whilst we are firm believers of great products, a great skincare routine starts with things you already have and we've got some top tips that cost absolutely nothing to prove it!

1. Drink water

Water keeps your body hydrated and refreshed whilst helping to maintain your skins elasticity.

Experts often recommend people to drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water per day. This is commonly known as the “8×8” rule.

2. Wash your pillow case often

There are many unexpected causes of breakouts, and your pillowcase could be one of them.

Dead skin cells, debris and oils from your hair build up on your pillowcase as you sleep so you should change your pillow case at least once a week and twice as often if you sleep on your stomach.

3. Wash your face with cold water

Whilst a common skincare myth is that pores can open and close (not true!), the certainly can be tightened.

When you rinse your face with cold water after washing, the water can calm any inflamation and also tighten them. It's important to also note that although pore size is typically genetically determined, in many cases, pore size does matter as enlarged pores can indicate clogging and/or oil and bacteria buildup.

4. Clean your towel regularly

Always use a fresh clean towel on your face to avoid lingering dirt and grime.

It's important to wash your face towel frequently as they not only have close contact with your face, but they can also absorb water or sweat and become breeding grounds for bacteria.

5. Sanitise your phone often

Your phone's surfaces and buttons may play host to a wide array of harmful viruses and bacteria. Experts recommend deep cleaning your phone at least twice a week to avoid dirt, oil and micro-organisms on your phone transferring to your skin.

6. Don't touch your face

If the last couple of years have taught us anything it would be that we should clean our hands regularly and avoid touching our faces too often.

This will prevent the spreading of dirt and germs on the skin which can lead to acne and other viruses.

That's it for our zero cost skincare tips, I hope you found them useful! Do you have any more tips? If so add them below.

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All good tips which I follow and I also wash/ change my bonnet or headscarf once a week.


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