About Us

picture of kiya cosmetics founder Kay Amoah


Kiya Cosmetics is a clean and simple personal care brand based in London, UK.

At Kiya Cosmetics, we strive to be more than just a beauty brand. Our message embodies our dedication to inclusivity, empowerment, transparency, and self-care. Our goal is to inspire individuals to embrace their unique beauty, prioritise self-love, and indulge in rituals that enhance their overall well-being. With our exceptional personal care products, we invite everyone to join us on the journey towards clean, simple beauty.

Our dedicated tribe of "Kiya Beauties" is at the heart of everything we do. We strive to empower them to not only look good but also smell good and feel good every single day.

Kiya was birthed out of Kay’s desperate need to re-grow her hair line after experiencing severe postpartum hair loss after her third pregnancy. She made a unique blend of natural oils and Ayurvedic powders in an attempt to strengthen and re-grow her thinning hair, (which later become our Hair Strengthening Oil). She soon began to see massive improvements and the success of this coupled with her passion for creating various other products using rich natural ingredients, inspired her to launch her very own beauty brand in September 2019. She named the brand Kiya Cosmetics after her two daughters Kiyanah and Mya.

To date, we continue to use only the highest quality, raw organic ingredients such as Raw Shea Butter sourced from Ghana, West Africa and a variety of organic oils and powders in our formulations, which are handmade at Kiya Studios, based in London.