Kiya Loves Loyalty

Earn rewards with every purchase by joining our loyalty program!

How Do I Earn Beauty Points?

Spend £100
200 Beauty Points
Place order
10 Beauty Points for every £1.00
Create account
200 Beauty Points
Enter your birthday
200 Beauty Points

What Are My Beauty Point Rewards?


£5 Off
3000 Beauty Points
Free Shipping
3500 Beauty Points
£10 Off
5000 Beauty Points
£25 Gift Card
7000 Beauty Points
10% off discount
1000 Beauty Points
15% off discount
2000 Beauty Points


How Do I Redeem My Beauty Points?

Just click on “Rewards” tab and you will see the list of all discounts you can redeem your points for. So you can greatly boost your savings.


How Do I Sign Up To The Program?

In order to join the program, just click the widget at the bottom right hand of our store and click “Create a store account”. Once you have done it, you are welcome to participate in all actions we have prepared for you to earn points.