3 Beard Care Tips For A Healthier Beard

3 Beard Care Tips For A Healthier Beard

Hey Beautiful!

So today's post is one for our Kiya Fellas and we will be sharing 3 beard care tips for a healthier beard. Let's get straight into it!

Why Is Beard Care Important?

Beard Hair is just like regular hair, if you don't wash it then it can become greasy and it will be more likely that your hair will fall out. It's important to wash your beard regularly, for the hair and the skin underneath.

3 Top Tips

  1. CLEANSE: Cleansing is the simplest step but also the most important. During the everyday hustle, dirt and sweat tend to make nice little homes in our pores. Men’s skin tends to be oilier than females, so cleansing twice a day is must (day and night). Gently massage your African Black Soap cleanser with your fingertips into your beard and skin. It contains healing properties, which help to prevent inflammation and fade hyperpigmentation.

2. TONE: Toning not only puts moisture back into the skin, it also acts as a slight astringent to prevent acne breakouts. A high quality Niacinamide containing toner will remove any lasting traces of dirt from your skin after cleansing, tighten and minimise your pores. A toner containing Tea-Tree Oil works well to treat acne because of their anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties.

MOISTURISE: Moisturisers act as a protective barrier against damaging elements (extreme temperatures, wind, chemical contact) and nourish the skin. A good moisturiser helps to prevent ingrown hairs and itchiness.

A quick bonus tip is to use a good quality oil such as castor oil or blend of oils such as Kiya's Hair Strenghtening Oil to encourage thicker strands and to fill any thinning areas for a healthier fuller beard.

And that's it, our 3 quick beard care tips for a healthier beard. If you have your own tips, please share them below!


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