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Our Story

Kiya Cosmetics is an all natural skincare and hair care brand founded by myself, Kay Amoah in September 2019.

 At Kiya, we believe in Clean Simple Beauty.

Because of this, we strive to create products that are packed full of truly natural ingredients that will keep your skin and hair nourished and healthy!

We aim to provide solutions to various dry skin and hair issues, using natural ingredients that will leave your skin not only healthier, but visibly softer and more hydrated 



Our Journey - So far!

I started out on Youtube after discovering the fascinating world of relaxed and natural hair gurus and deciding I wanted to also share my journey.

On my channel I would share hair care tips, products reviews and various other types of content, as I took the time to learn more about my hair and how to care for it.

After carrying out tons of research into healthy hair care practices, in June 2017 I decided to shave off all of my relaxed hair (well actually my husband shaved it off for me!) and embark on a new natural hair journey.


I found my new journey exciting as I learned how to care for my kinky, thick 4C natural hair, wearing a variety of natural hair styles such as my signature fro-hawk and high puff that I could have never imagined myself wearing our in public a few years prior!


As I began using more natural products such as raw shea butter to lock the moisture into my hair strands and a blend of essential and carrier oils to encourage growth and grow back my edges after the disappeared a few months after having my third child, I was inspired to develop my own line of natural products that would help others like me, who were seeking natural solutions to quite common issues. By this point I wasn't only interested in haircare, but also natural soaps, oils and butters that could help to cleanse, treat and hydrate my skin and also be kind enough for me to use on my three children.

The name Kiya was actually inspired by my two daughters (Kiyanah and Mya!)




We hope you Kiya Beauties will continue with us on our journey as we continue to build and add more amazing, quality products to solve your haircare and skincare struggles without the use of excessive chemicals.

So say goodbye to dryness today and hello to moisture and hydration!


With love,


Kiya Cosmetics