The Best Natural Scented Body Oil: Sweet Nourishing Oil

The Best Natural Scented Body Oil: Sweet Nourishing Oil

At Kiya, we are obsessed with natural ingredients, both in hair and skin care. We also love natural scented body oils and this is what led us to create our Sweet Nourishing Oil.

Our Sweet Nourishing Oil offers a concoction of natural ingredients that bring amazing benefits.

What's Inside?

Coconut oil is our leading ingredient, which helps to smoothen skin and reduce
inflammation. We've also added Apricot Oil, known to help improve the skin tone and offers anti-aging help for wrinkles and fine lines.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is also another key ingredient we have added to our Sweet Nourishing Oil. It's known to help treat skin conditions such as acne, eczema, and psoriasis. On top of this, we have also added other ingredients including, Avocado Oil, which also helps with moisture and Vitmain E which is effective in reducing UV ray damage to the skin.

We have carefully crafted our Sweet Nourishing Oil to specifically help with hydrating the skin, so it's perfect for those who suffer from dry skin in particular.

How To Use

Our Sweet Nourishing Oil is best used after you've had a shower or bath.

Massage the oil all over your body to lock in the moisturising and shine benefits it offers. You'll be glistening by the time you've finished!

The Scent
The scent of our Sweet Nourishing Oil is a blend of Vanilla, Jasmine, Sweet Orange and Lemon. This mix is what gives the scent such a beautifully unique smell. It's incomparable!

With this oil, there's no need to use perfume as the divine scent lasts throughout the day!

We hope this has given you insight into our passion for natural scented body oils!

Have you used our Sweet Nourishing Oil before?
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