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Kiya's Top 5 Winter Skincare Tips

Hey Kiya Beauties!
As winter is really setting in now and some parts of the UK are even seeing snow, we thought this would be a good time to share our Top 5 Winter Skincare Tips to help you beat the cold weather and have smooth, glowy skin all year round!
Now are first top tip is to stay hydrated! A lot of us tend to steer away from water in the colder month's and trade it in for our favourite lattes and hot chocolates to keep warm,  but that is a big no if you don't want to experience dry skin. 
Now we're not saying ditch the hot drinks, you just need to make sure you're drinking the recommended amount of water, which is around 2.7 litres a day! There are TONS of health benefits for increasing your water intake, and for your skin this includes: hydrating the skin, improving skin tone; reducing puffiness, reducing pores and preventing acne just to name a few.
Our next tip is to exfoliate your body 1-2 times per week. What better way to keep up that summer shine during the colder months than to regularly remove the old dead skin cells? Exfoliation can be the key to keeping your skin soft, glowing, healthy and can even keep it looking youthful for longer. Once you remove the dead cells, your skin is then better able to absorb the moisturisers and oils your put on, allowing them to work more effectively and for longer periods of time!
Now of course you can't expect to beat dry skin in the winter month's if you don't apply moisturisers (at least we hope you knew, but  if not then you do now!) However, did you know that there's an optimal time for you to apply your moisturiser so it works best for you? 
Well, that time is straight after you get out of the shower, even better if you are still in the bathroom before your skin has had a chance to completely dry. If your skin is still slightly damp when applying your moisturiser, it will help to really lock in the hydration and allow it to better absorb into your skin. Remember, moisturising is an important step to maintaining your skins healthy cells and protecting it from irritation which leads to dry skin, acne and a whole host of other issues. 
During the colder months, our skin is much more susceptible to becoming dry and irritated, so we generally tend to need more moisture. A good technique to keep your skin hydrated throughout the day is to seal in the moisture using and oil or serum. When you do this you are creating a thicker barrier between your skin and the elements.
Our final tip may be hard for those of us who love to hide away in a good, long, steamy shower during the colder months to avoid going out in the cold, but this actually has a negative effect on your skin! How showers can dry out and irritate your skin, as the hot water causes damage to the keratin cells located in the most outer layer (epidermis) of your skin. Not only that they can also disrupt your skins natural balance of moisture, robbing the skin of the natural oils, fats and proteins that keep it healthy. Instead, opt for a warm shower that isn't too far above lukewarm but that can still open up the pores to allow you to cleanse effectively.                                      
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