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Kiya's Top 3 Winter Haircare Tips

One of the number one questions we've had from within our community this winter is "How do I stop my hair from being so dry?" So we decided to share our 3 major keys!
Now our first top tip is to Deep Condition Weekly. Now it may sound like a lot, but deep conditioning penetrates the hair shaft, adding back shine and moisture into the strands. When you deep condition regularly, you'll find that your hair is more manageable, softer and less prone to breakage. 
This is extremely beneficial during the colder months, as the weather can be very harsh on our strands and lead to split ends and other damage. 
Why not treat your hair to some extra love whilst we have the extra time and ramp up the deep conditioning, your hair will thank you for it!
Again, moisture is essential for your strands to survive  the colder months! 
ALWAYS follow up with with an oil or butter (or both) to ensure the moisture is locked into your strands for longer in order to truly protect your hair from the elements. 
Firstly, apply a water based moisturiser or leave in to your hair, paying particular attention to those ends. After that, go in with an oil or butter on top, again ensuring that the ends are well covered. 
This doesn't need to be done everyday necessarily, but when ever your strands start to feel dry.
Finally, now that we've talked deep conditioning and maintaining that moisture throughout the week, our final tip is to protect the ends of your hair.
Three ways you can do this are by:
- Wearing protective styles that tuck the ends of your hair away like buns, high puffs, braids and twists. These are all styles that keep the ends of your hair from getting caught on your clothes or pillows whilst binging Netflix etc!
- Don't sleep without a silk or satin scarf, bonnet or pillowcase! When we sleep, we toss from side to side and our hair rubs against our pillows which can lead to snagging and split ends. Silk and satin absorb far less moisture and so your hair is much less likely to dry out overnight. 
- Speaking of silk and satin, opt for accessories like beanie hats that are lined with satin or silk head scarves when you're out and about for added protection!
And that's it for this weeks top tips! We hope you found them useful, and we'd love to hear if you've been doing anything differently this winter to care for your hair.    
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