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Let's talk about wash day – we know it can sometimes feel like it lasts forever, right? But fear not, because we've got your back with some easy conditioning and styling tips that will help you reclaim some of that precious time.

Ready to dive in? Let's do this!

1. PRE-DETANGLE: We all know that conditioning and detangling can be major time-consumers during wash day. To make things easier, try this little trick before shampooing: apply a dollop of our fabulous Simply Nourishing Deep Conditioner to your dry strands. Massage it in from root to tip and let it sit for ten minutes. Then wet your hair and immediately apply shampoo – the combination of conditioner and shampoo will help rinse away product build-up and dirt more easily.

2. CONDITION FOR LESS TIME: Now here's a crazy idea (but trust us on this one): you don't always need to condition for hours on end! If you've done a pre-detangling session as mentioned earlier, you can comfortably let your deep conditioner sit for just 15 minutes and still reap the benefits. Plus, since you've already pre-detangled, your hair will be much easier to handle during the regular conditioning session. For an even deeper condition in less time, consider sitting under a hood dryer or steamer during that 15-minute period.

3. USE A DRY-STYLE METHOD: Here's another time-saving gem for you – try using a dry-style method! After rinsing out any remaining conditioner, apply a small amount of our amazing Simply Nourishing Leave-In Conditioner to your freshly-rinsed hair. Blow-dry your curls until they're about 50% dry before moving on to two-strand twist them up. Finish by setting those twists under a hooded dryer or using steam if available. By semi-drying your hair for just 5-7 minutes, you'll be able to cut your overall drying time in half. And as a bonus, you'll notice less shrinkage in your twists!

So there you have it – our three tips for a faster wash day! How long does wash day usually last for you? We'd love to hear about your experiences and any other time-saving tricks you might have. Share them with us below!

Wishing you a speedy and fabulous wash day,

Team Kiya x

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